Thursday, 26 July 2012


This summer of renovation is not just to my flat but to my website and blog. I must change my website because the hosting has been taken down, (Mobile Me), so I am re-building my website and I have learned it is best to have all the communication on one site or platform. So I will be switching to wordpress to have blog, website, portfolio, etc, etc, all together to make it easy to access.

But in the meantime I am looking at font, type, color and layout and I have come across a delightful blog: I love Typography by John Boardley. He discusses fonts, the subtle differences, the origins of the abc's, what type can say about you, what is the purpose of type, how it will improve you, the reader, the experience of reading. It is a trove of engaging articles on the beauty of letters and the need to consider the reader.

Often for projects I like to look elsewhere for ideas and for this project, a new website, rather than looking at other designers or suppliers sites, from reading John Boardley on type, I have been look at very old texts like a page of Gregorian Chant:

The movement and pattern of the notes, the type, cut from metal, the color scheme of black, white and red on old hand made paper. It is all beautiful and so well planned. Or another old text in 4 languages, but the layout, 4 columns and 3 below, how beautifully arranged. And all done with metal type.

Or other old texts in Latin, how clear are the letters and the large "P", although I can't read it, the letters are well placed and moves across the page.

And another in the black/white/red color scheme:

Now how to bring these ideas and arrangement to a modern website that will be read on a screen.

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