Thursday, 5 July 2012


What is the style that is not traditional and not modern, but has touches of both, the rolled arm of a sofa, the clean edges of a chair, a table.

What is the style that is not country not city, but has some of the elements of both; stripes and plaids, comfortable furniture but tailored, fitted and impeccable finishes.

What is the style that is not industrial chic not vintage but has aspects of both; the texture of a metal, functional but a feeling and a story it was found somewhere.

What brings all those facets of design and decoration together and make it work? Most would call it transitional, a style that brings traditional and modern together, blends the relaxed feel of a country home but has the urban cool of a loft or warehouse, plus the fun and discovery of vintage.

William Yeoward a designer and supplier of furniture, fabrics. lighting, chrystal and glassware brings it altogether with great style.

I visited their showroom this week and where I viewed the new selection of furnishings, it is one of my 1st stops to collect samples and show clients how we could bring their furnishings together with new pieces and get that elusive style that is transitional. If anyone is interested in any of these styles, please get in touch, with Beth, we can pull together your style.

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