Monday, 18 June 2012

More Progress

This  weekend I taught myself how to tile a wall. I couple of months ago I stripped out the bathroom of tiles, shower door, bathroom sink and flooring. With still the window and flooring to finish I made some progress on renovating this flat in London Town.

I now have so much more respect for tilers, a lot of thinking, planning and skill goes into tiling, arithmetic, visualizing, pattern and playing with shape, pattern and color.

Although I used only white, I want to alter the proportions of the room. The ceiling is higher than it is wide, the previous tiles were white 6"square. I have taken the large white ceramic tiles, 13 1/2 " x 9 1/2"  or 33 cm x 25 cm and placed them horizontally. The result is a room seeming wider, larger and much lighter.

Still needing to be grouted, but so pleased with the the illusion of a wider, bigger space. I also learned a new sense of awesome: when you cut a tile and it breaks perfectly, each time I was saying "awesome".

 Some other amazing tiling, with patterns and color:

I like the random selection of new and old, geometric and abstract all held together by green.

I like the mix of vintage tiles with modern white tiles and placed in a row, simple and elegant.

A very pretty arrangement and mix of blue and white, and the brass tap, just the right contrast.

 A simple arrangement and subtle use of color.

But the most beautiful and inspiring tiles for centuries have been the Islamic tiles of the 15th and 16th centuries.  The interlocking designs of geometric and floral patterns are exquisite, the turquoise and cobalt blues sing out against colorless lead glaze.

They have influenced designers from Louis Comfort Tiffany to William De Morgan and are collected today.

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