Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Don Draper's Apartment

Don Draper's new apartment on 73rd and Park is a dream, a Mid-Century modernist's dream, it has so many of the features we now love of a 60's living room.

The grass cloth wall paper, sunken living room, the white carpet the pendant swagged over the fireplace and the fireplace, I think I like that the most.

In the past few years I have had some projects where the clients want to change their 60's style living rooms. One had a whole wall with rosewood paneling, a fireplace off center with a travertine hearth and surround. The built- in shelves, in rosewood as well, added the balance to the tv, fireplace arrangement.  I advised against alterations, change the upholstery or carpet, but that elevation is now a "period style"

Back to Mad Men, the last episode had Betty survey the living room and take in all the modernity, it was an interesting scene considering she lives in a Gothic mansion.

I followed up on the decoration of this set, it was done by set designer Claudette Didul. She spent some time on research, getting inspiration from two books by 1960s bestselling interior design author Betty Pepis and "Decoration U.S.A.," a 1965 collaboration between Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman.

I also learned she found furniture on Etsy and  Craigslist to create the right feel for the ad man's new apartment with his new wife.

The large recessed lighting, the colorful cabinets, Danish modern dining set and the window treatments, all stylish and so appropriate for the time.

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