Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Favorite


Vosgesparis, one of my favorite blogs is a story in concrete and gray, has started a new "concept page" a place to find the best from her sponsors, they will present themselves and their web-shops and offers to participate in giveaways. Sounds great!

But just a few words about Vosgesparis, a consistently good blog in all the tones of gray, charcoal, slate, steel, anthracite, concrete and black and white. Desiree shows us urban and industrial chic spaces and creates fantastic mood boards. I always enjoy her posts and will follow the new concept page. I hope you will follow too.

We had a few words in Amsterdam at Meet the Bloggers, one of the many I had met that day.


  1. Thank you for spreading the word! I just finished the first give away post to be launched tomorrow;)
    And really hope it will be a succes ;)
    It was nice meeting you.. I just found out Holly is coming to the dutch design week in Eindhoven end of the month,, great to meet up again;)
    bonne nuit, desiree

  2. All the best with the concept page, xo