Tuesday, 4 October 2011

CSYS LED Task Light

Source: jakedyson.com via Kelly on Pinterest

One of the new products I saw at Designjunction was the CSYS LED Task Light that has been designed and engineered by Jake Dyson. This was more than another styled light source, this was going back to the problems of heat loss, the waste of energy, that all light sources produce and the reason for the phasing out of the Edison bulb and replacing it with CFLs and LEDs.

When I spoke with Jake Dyson at the exhibition, he told me about how he had taken apart LEDs from all manufacturers and found there is heat loss with all these lamps. Plus the color changes and without diffusers there is an uneven spread of light. He was determined to build a task light that meets the needs of energy, environmental concerns and aesthetics.

Source: jakedyson.com via Kelly on Pinterest

As lighting designer, I have been hesitant to jump on the bandwagon of switching all Edison light bulbs to CFLs or to LEDs for task lighting. There are still some problems to be addressed, the color of the light changes over time and there is still heat loss with both lamps. All light creates heat.

The CSYS task light resolves all of these issues with the heat pipe technology. It has been in use in satellites and microprocessors and the primary role is to conduct heat away from its source. This keeps the LEDs cool, it does not require extra energy or an external pump and it is instrumental in keeping the light running a bright warm white without changing the color to the sickly greenish glow after much use which happens to CFLs and other LEDs.

How many times have you burnt your hand on a light bulb?

Source: jakedyson.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Another aspect of the light is the mechanics, I loved the way the light slides and glides back and forth, up and down and can turn 360°. This gives it amazing flexibility, you place the light where you need it.

The combination of design, engineering, technology, mechanics and materials make this a beautiful light. For me aesthetics are more than what something looks like, it is the way it is made, the materials, how it works, does it meet the needs of the user as well as the proportion, balance and color.

It would be great to see this lighting technology used in the British Library, schools and museums and I would like to use it next to my MacBook. Did I mention it also dims?

Please view the website:  http://www.jakedyson.com

Congratulations Jake. 

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