Monday, 21 April 2014

Sweet Ditch

A group of fantastic artists exhibiting this June at The Safehouse which is located in Peckham, South London, the exhibition will be in a Victorian house gutted and un-renovated. The art will look extraordinary in that space. There will be performances of music and dance.

"Hello! We are Sweet Ditch, a group of female artists who have joined creative forces to put on an exciting and diverse show this summer, then more to come both in London and New York.

We have artists ranging from painters and illustrators to film makers, sculptors and live performers. Our first show is about raw, original artwork. Work that is not trying to be anything but honest and courageous.

As Sweet Ditch, we set out challenge and inspire one another, and hopefully our audiences too. We are proud of the work that has been born out of of this supportive multi-disciplinary environment and can't wait to show you

We hope the uncompromising nature of our art will strike a cord with men and women who for whatever reasons are not making the art inside them, inspiring people to create no matter what."

 Kate Rubens

 Nicole Caltado-Davies

Please support them, this will be a great show, 4th - 8th June,  139 Copeland Road SE15
You can help by  going to Sweet Ditch

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