Monday, 16 April 2012

Light and Airy

There are many inspirations for a light and airy room, you can look at gardens or the countryside, but I like the beach, the big sky, the light reflection from the water, the sand, pebbles and weathered wood all give a feel of airiness and lots of light.

This selection of furnishings from Next are to give a room a feeling of being by the beach, the colors, the materials and textures all invoke a feeling and my love of the beach.

For the main surfaces, the walls and the floor, cool greys, like the color of sand are Dove Feather, the floor a limed oak and the rug Natural Baby Flump Rug will make the space feel large and airy.
The clean lines of Lyon sofa in Teal, the color of the water

accented with textured cushions in a deeper shade of teal and weathered wood of Hartford coffee table and glass lamps with big white shades. I like the glass lamp where you can fill the lamp base with collected shells or pebbles.

For the windows, the best to keep it light and airy are sheer voiles where the light can filter and create a sense of spaciousness. For the walls a large photo of a beach with a big heart.

Next is having a fabulous Room Restyle Facebook competition where you have the chance to win £1,500 worth of Next Homeware so you can create you own dream space, click on the link and have fun.

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