Sunday, 29 April 2012


A few weeks ago I shared and posted some very beautiful and intriguing photos by Ellen Silverman about the Cuban Kitchen. There were several reasons I shared those photos. One reason was I was in the midst of deconstructing the kitchen in my flat. With the tiles pulled off, the old wallpaper stripped off, the condiments, pots and pans and bowls of fruit were put elsewhere, all stripped to the bones of the building we began rebuilding.

First a wall was removed and the entrance made wider, bringing in lots more light and sense of spaciousness. As my dear friend says, more civilized.

Layers of old paint was exposed when the tiles and wall paper were removed,  with the yellow ochre paint, patches of plaster and concrete it resembled the Cuban Kitchens in the photo essay.

With progress, a new floor, walls skimmed, old surfaces and cabinets removed, it has begun to look more pleasing. Still much to do, boxing in some pipes, paint the ceiling and walls and finding new places for the essentials of daily cooking.

 Yes much more to do, but looking so much better and cleaner. I will update after I paint it.

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