Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Trompe L"Oeil

When I started in design a while ago I was printing wallpapers by hand for a designer. I liked the work and particularly working with paint and color, it developed and I was designing wallpapers for some time. So when I received an email this morning from Found Home Store who shared with me these trompe l'oeil wallpapers I was amused.

I have always found this technique of painting that deceives the eye and creates illusions of space and places fun. Deborah Bowness has taken this idea and applied photographs to wallpaper. Now we can cover a wall with an illusion of a bookcase, or a row utility chairs along a wall in a dressing room. Or we can dress a room up with a wallpaper photo of a classical wall complete with the carved skirting, dado and damask wallpaper. The other fun idea is of a posh frock hanging up in the corner.

Lots of humor in these papers and would be so fun to see the wallpaper of bookshelves in a corner of Starbucks or a super minimalist room with the classical wall, so lots of ideas to play with.

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