Monday, 7 November 2011

Room by Room

Yesterday I started to collect up ideas about classy and classic rooms and today came my favorite of design magazines, The World of Interiors with a special section "Room by Room"

This section in the December 2011 issue is where the editor, Rupert Thomas has selected rooms from the 30 years the magazine has been photographing and showing us how people live and have lived.

This has been my favorite magazine for just this reason, it looks at the way people with imagination decorate their homes. The homes the editors and photographers have shown us over the years have been cabins to castles, the fanciest decorators remodel to a humble home. It has been an invaluable resource on the history of interiors and the designers, architects and craftsmen who have built and designed original and creative spaces.

I shall enjoy reading and looking at this issue and it will again inspire me as I collect ideas for a new project.

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