Sunday, 27 November 2011

Picture Hanging

Hello and how was your Thanksgiving, we ate lavishly and I have so enjoyed time with my family. I have been staying with my mother and it is always a pleasure.

My mother is a great decorator and when we are together it is always changing around the furniture and sharing what is lately fascinating us. This week she had a great idea to move some bookcases which also meant the pictures needed to be arranged. A project and one we worked on all week along with the cooking and shopping.

Here was the original arrangement, then we set about selecting the drawings, all from members of the family.

And today we just finished the hanging, still needs to finish the accessories, but already a more open and enjoyable space.

A small room about 10'5'' x 12, with early morning light. She is going to put her desk in there and will use the room for reading and writing. A room of one's own.

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