Sunday, 30 October 2011

10 pendants for Dark Nights

Tonight we have to turn the clocks forward an hour. It will mean the night will come earlier, by 5 pm it will be dark, by the end of next month it will be dark by 4:30 pm, so that by Christmas 3:30 in the afternoon it will be dark. Not my favorite time but we use artificial light so much more in the winter months and it is with our pendants we can fill the space with light.

Make the pendant a piece of sculpture, an illuminating sculpture. Here are 10 of my favorites: classics, minimal, industrial, decorative, opulent:

1. Folded linen from Pinch

2. A drum shade in linen from Crate and Barrel

3. Glass industrial pendents from West Elm

4. A glass globe from West Elm

5. A Copper space ship from Conran Shop 

6. Hand lacquered steel and brass pendent from Conran Shop

7. Plumen lamps, no need for shades.

8. Moon like pendants from Design Within Reach

9. Pillar candle chandelier form Restoration Hardware

10. Mayfair Chandelier from Ralph Lauren

All of these give a beautiful quality of light in the evenings. Any of these will make the dark nights warm and welcoming.


  1. Beautiful fixtures, Kelly! I am really loving the look of charcoal dark rooms and any of these would be stunning in a setting like that!

    Thanks for sharing on BYW! I've enjoyed visiting everyone's posts.

  2. I love those Plumen lamps! Thanks for sharing! Nice to meet you through BYW.