Sunday, 28 August 2011

Mason and Taylor

Sunday brunch has always been a favorite, pancakes and bacon, lox and bagels with a gallon of coffee. Today with my son and daughter-in-law we went to Mason and Taylor for an English brunch with black pudding, quails eggs, and smoked bacon topped with a tomato and thyme sauce and bottomless cups of coffee. It was as delicious as the conversation was full of the stories and passions we were so eager to share. Great fun, I love family, food and conversation.

What we enjoyed as well was the craft elderflower beer,  a delicate and flavorful beer, like a the taste of early summer. Not my first choice of beverages, but this I would be happy to have again. The rest of their menu looked fabulous as we saw the roasts, partridges and puddings pass by.

Also fun was the restaurant, very industrial chic with exposed concrete pilasters, strings of light bulbs draped across the ceiling and rough floorboards. And I loved the touch of the 60's buffet.

On Bethnal Green Road

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  1. I can confirm that the food was delicious and the conversation wonderful!