Monday, 7 February 2011


I will always remember my favorite Christmas present was a box of 100 crayons, all those colors laid out in a flat box. I remember the names of the colors: carnation pink, blue green, purple, magenta, salmon pink, raw sienna, scarlet, orange, lemon yellow and there was silver and gold, etc, yes a box of crayola crayons.

That time spent coloring and making clothes led me to design. Today I still get a thrill from color in its raw state as pigment; mixed as paint or dye then seeing the results on a wall saturated with a color, a piece of fabric soaked in dye, to nature, trees, flowers, sky, water...


The artist was the person in culture who was the master of blending, mixing and matching colors. But in recent times artists, who receive the attention, have been more interested in shocking us or disgusting us rather than exploring the magic, seduction and beauty of color.

However the designer and photographer in all their practices have been using color in stunning ways: in graphics and illustration, fashion, textiles and interiors, all the areas that have made our lives richer and more enjoyable.

I want to share with this blog my love of color and light, its close companion and design. How these elements enrich, inspire, stimulate, move, stir, energize, incite, animate, fire, excite, spark, affect and influence our hopes, dreams and lives.

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  1. Great start Kelly with beautiful colours! -Sophie