Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Work in Progress Update

Last April I blogged on a project that was in progress, you can see it here, it was a renovation that involved gutting of the whole interior of a maisonette with a small extension, an extra bedroom.

This type of project takes a brave soul who can  live with upheaval for several months. The renovation of Suzanne Noble's home, founder of frugl.com,was written up in Metro, the newspaper everyone reads on the London Tube last month. In this report of the result of the changes to this maisonette Susanne emphasizes the importance of using an architect and interior designer.

After finding the flat through an estate agent online, she employed Simon Miller, an architect who has helped her in previous renovations. Simon worked out a plan for the flat that increased the space by reconfiguring walls, adding windows and a small extension to the side. It is a home full of light and space. My work with Suzanne and Simon was adding the color schemes, textiles, lighting plan, etc. 

To quote Suzanne: " Anyone considering an un-modernised place, make sure you get a good architect and interior designer. Thankfully I had both." 

I couldn't agree more, the value of her property has doubled. Plus she has a home that suits her and her needs and is very pleasant to be in. Architects and designers make a difference.

Call me if you want to renovate.

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