Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Vigilante Copy Editor

This scrap metal sculpture is in the Pratt Institute Sculpture garden in Brooklyn, it is 2 blocks from where I lived on Lafayette Ave. I walked through this garden often to go to the store or bank, etc.

This piece I particularly like. I like the use of industrial scraps, the off cut shapes welded together into a flat 3D cube. The light played on it. It showed the variations of color and shape, you could see the gaps between the shapes on the grass on strong sunny days. So always visually interesting. I like the economy of it and the recycling of materials.

I am thinking of this sculpture because of an article in the New York Times "Vigilante Copy Editor"
has a short video about how someone has gone around to each sculpture and edited the titles and description. I laughed but so much enjoyed seeing all the sculptures again. Have a look:

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