Tuesday, 5 February 2013

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 The Human Honey Bee

                                                         Wolfgang Laib

                           POLLEN FROM HAZELNUT                        
This exhibition is in settled residence in the Marron Atrium at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  The artist considers this area to be the "womb of the museum"and created this brillant and bedazzling work especially for the site, It is the largest pollen installation to date.

"Pollen is the essence of the flower" 
"Potential beginning"
                                                                    "The male seed"

                  The luminous and commanding vistas from all vantage points!!!!!                                    

                            The artist said, "it takes hours and hours, days and days" to collect
                                                        the beaming and radiant pollen!!

                             Make all effort to see and feel this wondrous exhibition. The color yellow is
                             is represented in the etheric human body at the solar plexus chakra, the power
                             center. Extraordinaire!

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