Thursday, 28 February 2013

For Fashion Month: SKIRTS

                             FOR SPRING

   Louis the XIV declared that "Fashion is the mirror of history." I think his observation was on the   money, speaking of which, fashion today is really a business. I've become nonchalant to the business of fashion along with the flamboyant evolution of its self promotion. The artistry still remains out of the public eye, but in the imaginations and craftsmanship of the atelier

  Skirts are a personal favorite. The earliest skirts observed were specifically to cover and protect the genitals from insects, the swishing motion was a deterrant to keep the harrasment in check. The  haute designs of  skirts today have metamorphosized from long, bouffant, hoops and bustles to hobbled, maxi, midi, mini, a-line, bell, pouf, dirndle, straight, pencil, slit, pleated, circle,  full, tailored and statement. Wow! Quite a selection...
  Here are a few favorite skirts for Spring:

                                      MARNIE (cotton/silk organdy circle skirt) Amazing

                                   CLEMENTS RIBERIO (washed silk) I bought this one
                                                                           Perfect for summer

                                ALBERTA FERRETTI  (silk and lace) I love the look of lingerie.

                                       MARY KATRANTZOU (silk/satin) My favorite, the pencil.
                                                                                 I cannot have enough of the fabulous 
                                                                                  prints this season.

                                     VERSACE                                                                  ETRO


                                             FAITH CONNECTION (metallic stretch leather)
                                             I wear this with a black cashmere sweater and pumps.      

                    BOY BAND OF OUTSIDERS (leather)                           TIBI (techy mesh)

                                      MARNIE   (cotton blend) This is sooo 80's! I had to show the shirt, MARNIE                                                                                    is iconoclastic and fresh as a daisy.

                                              MARC JACOBS (striped twill)  Great striped skirt with or without the 
                                                                                                   jacket, my next spring buy, perfect for 
                                                                                                   travel and the city. NYC STYLE!  

                                                                IRRESISTIBLE DOLCE

                      DOLCE AND GABBANA (rose print crepe)     DOLCE AND GABANNA (high-
                                                                                                                            waisted black lace)



                                                MALENE BIRGER (lace over
                                                   Gorgeous color!  I might have to
                                                    order this one.

                                    LANVIN (pique' scuba -jersey) Yikes! This skirt is fantastic.                        


 Wondering what to wear under these gems?  I would not advise going
commando. Remember what happened to Hathaway?  Check these panties by Stella McCartney:
I used to wear panties like these when I was a kid.


 I ordered them in Black and Pale Pink, love, love, love these!       

All the fashion above is from NET-A-PORTER  SUPER SITE!  My favorite online shop.
The greatest and latest selections from every season. It's like having a personal shopper and stylist, fun and easy!  Looking forward to Spring. Enjoy!


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