Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bringing the Outside Inside

With a new month but still deep in winter and longing for some green, some leafy green, that refreshing green, these photos by Randy Harris for the New York Times describe the article by Anne Raver about a woman who keeps all her plants indoors throughout the winter, "Inviting the Garden in for the Winter" , it was just the story to read for ideas about winter months with the images of exotic and lush leaves.

The article tells the story of the writer of "The Unexpected Houseplant", Tovah Martin. She has spent many years caring for the houseplants at Logee’s Greenhouses, in Danielson, Connecticut and I think bringing many back to her very charming colonial house. She collects, cares, tends for all kinds of plants, bromeliads, ferns, succulents to geraniums and begonias and pots them in containers from industrial salvage, metal containers and used clay pots, it seems any vessel will do.  But to see inside during winter months would be restoring to one weary of cold, but imagine the garden of eden it would be in the summer. 

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