Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Vintage Christmas Card

This is a Christmas card made in 1944. It is a lino cut, printed with 2 colors, yellow ochre and indigo. It is 2 angels one singing the other playing the harp.

I found this in an old scrap book. A very old scrap book, the kind that is bound paper and has cuttings of images from newspapers, magazines and books. A very early Pinterest.

We recently had a lot of old stuff taken out of storage. A lot has gone on eBay and a lot more will go. But as my husband and I are going through this stuff, I keep finding treasures, like this handmade lino cut. He doesn't like it. I marveled at it. It was most probably done by a student at an old art school when they used to teach these methods of drawing, making and printing and use of color: look how the layering of yellow and blue in the bottom left corner blend to green.

I marveled at the drawing and the vigorous cuts into the lino. There is a dark angel and a light angel singing and playing music. And doesn't it have the style and spirit of that period.

There is a message inside, handwritten: "With all good wishes for Christmas and the New Year" signed by Audrey.


  1. I need some unique cards and this idea is brilliant, I need to some how combine it with those retro city prints you see everywhere!

  2. I have seen a story in your post~~