Wednesday, 26 September 2012


One of the most interesting exhibits I saw this week was the retrospective of Decode, a collaboration of London based product designers who have challenged conventions. Their innovative use of materials and form... who would consider concrete for a lampshade or bending fluorescent tubes into a curving Celtic shape or using steel as a sinuous ribbon.

I attended the exhibit of their retrospective in a equally fascinating venue, a 19th century brick building in Shoreditch where I met with the designers and they showed me their designs.

The expanse of the space allowed the lighting to be shown particularly well, being able to exhibit the lighting grouped together.

Cast concrete pendant shades

Plumen lamps with glass shades

The slice box, a table that fits together like a Tangram puzzle, constructed of wood with 40 coats of lacquer.

Bell, a concertina side table and coffee table.

Ribbon, a continuous band of steel made into a coat rack of differing heights and a place for your umbrella.

Vessel series 01-03, this hand blown glass is made tin varying thicknesses to reflect the curves and form of the Plumen lamp, the best way to see this marvelous light. I must add I had several talks this week with other lighting designers and we had all said what a good design the Plumen lamp is, how well it looks when hung in multiples and indeed how well it looks in this glass vessel, a beautiful light.

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