Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Roger Sterling's Office

There are many reasons I got captivated by Mad Men, this powerful story of men and their work and families in the 60's. The story for sure hooked me, the attitudes toward women still stuns me, the fashions are incredible and then of course the interiors. Roger Sterling's office is one of my favorite rooms with the Saarinen tables, white sofa and chaise longue and Bridget Riley-esque art and the touch of orange cushions and large windows over Madison Avenue. It was very chic and modern then and hasn't it held it's style today.

This new season has really used interiors to help tell the story: the haunted house Don refers to that Betty now lives in, Pete's office with the concrete pillar he walks into, to the white carpet in Don and Megan's new and fashionable apartment.  And wasn't the last episode particularly dark.


  1. I like the overall light/white tone of Roger's office, but I feel like there are too many pieces for the space, making it appear cluttered (at least in the first picture). I think I would like it more if the furniture were moved more toward the walls and corners, leaving more open space in the center.

    I also feel that the "round" motif has been taken too far and that a few square-edged pieces would make for a subtle improvement.

  2. There are three other paintings in Roger's office. They are my work. The two wood panel companion pieces are called the Queen of Hearts and the King of Hearts, the vertical giclee of my original painting is called Madonna I. All three are available as limited edition signed prints. They were purchased at a gallery I have been working with for the past five years- www.ArtPic200.com. I am also honored to be showing along side Bridget Riley's work. Lisa Gizara, www.GizaraArts.com.

  3. Full length article all Mad Men lovers will enjoy!


  4. The Mad Men aintings are now available as prints at www.GizaraArts.com and at Erinn V Maison in Beverly Hills -please visit ErinnVMaison.com!