Friday, 13 January 2012

Reclaimed Wood

Over the Christmas vacation I was staying with family in the Carolinas, it was warm and lovely and beautiful country. The home was lined with reclaimed wood: the walls, the kitchen, built in cupboards and consoles, all yanked from an old tobacco barn. It gave texture and warmth to the house so each place, each corner was cosy. Truly a one-off house. 

To have a home of reclaimed wood is a dream for most of us. I have a dream of building an eco-house too, solar powered, reclaimed wood, insulated... but I digress. The essential element of a house or furniture of reclaimed wood is its texture, the wood will be solid, dark, weathered and rich. 

While most of us are not going to build our own homes, there are some very attractive pieces of furniture from our favorites that are either made with reclaimed wood or are using wood exposed, the grain, the color, the texture left to sing, only using wax or oil to preserve it. A change from the painted look.

From West Elm

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