Friday, 16 September 2011

Heart Home Magazine

Heart Home Magazine was launched yesterday in London.

Last night we all enjoyed a glass of wine in toast to Carole King, Daniel Nelson and Ariana Trapani for their fantastic 1st issue of Heart Home Magazine. It is a online lifestyle magazine, much needed from London, full of articles and features of homes, fashion and food in Britain.

Reading through the magazine with coffee this morning, there are articles about designers and stylists working in Britain, a good guide to the upcoming London Design Week and (very important) what to wear in each part of town.

There are features of homes, flats and lofts that show us eclectic styles from vintage to modern and articles about the great and influential design movements of Britain; the Arts and Crafts Movement to the Festival of Britain.

An interview with Terrence Conran who states that as a designer, one should not be a disciple but be in service to help people improve and enjoy their lives. I couldn't agree more.

Please read, share and enjoy Heart Home Magazine, the next issue is December 8th.

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