Monday, 11 April 2011

Diffused Light

The sun has been shining all week over London. Everyone is smiling and enjoying the warmth, the blossoms and the trees with the fresh green of new leaves.

In the mornings there is very beautiful quality of light that comes from the sunshine through white fabric.

It is a quality of light I find very attractive and pleasant for bedrooms or any room, but particularly for bedrooms because it is a soft, relaxing and flattering light.

I have always found when window treatments whether curtains, shades or blinds, are white they create a glow in the room. Early in the morning, when the sun is strong at noon or late in the afternoon when you need to control the sun a white fabric diffuses the light creating wonderfully lit rooms

The white fabric on the window creates a quiet space with the soft diffused light, my favorite is white linen.

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