Monday, 21 March 2011

Natural Light

"Sunshine came softly through my window today,"...  Donovan

When sun comes through a window it illuminates a room and fills it with warmth. Patches of light appear on a wall, across a floor, spread over a bed. They are moments that add poetry to a room. Edward Hopper saw this and in his paintings of sunlight streaming through windows in skyscrapers you see someone sitting on a bed or standing in a wash of light and heat. They are private moments but moments you can hear the silence of absorbing sunshine, contemplation or listening to a song.

It is a part of room design that I always consider when I am asked for concepts of putting together a scheme, what kind of light, morning, noon or evening. It is not only important to know for choosing the right color but it sets the mood of the space.

Without sounding too New Age, the quality of light has an energy; morning: fresh, noon:strong, evening: relaxing.  Being aware of light, natural light, from what direction the room receives the light, will help determine how to decorate a room.

The Equinox just passed and we are now in Spring and today the sun was shining over London and into bedrooms all over the city.

Where is the light when you wake up?


  1. You know, I too am quite fascinated by windows and the journey of sunlight. Very pleasing blog post.

    Also, must mention that we met on Wednesday's DBCollective meeting and so this is also a warm wave "hello". H

  2. Thanks Heather, and a warm wave to you, we'll meet again.