Monday, 21 February 2011


I was with friends this week and when Minsun mentioned her favorite color is orange I said that is my color this week. Orange made up of red and yellow has a zingy feel, like the sweet bite you get from the fruit and like that sweet flavor, orange rooms have a zest, they are warm and as an accent it adds a punch.

In a recent project a lovely living room and tv room of taupes, linens and white velvets we tried so many colors, pink, red, green, a deep brown, to accent and bring the two rooms together.  Orange was it, lively, warm and satisfying.

other examples of orange used for accents in a neutral scheme ... great rug.

I love the mid century style and orange was used much with a very white bright paint, it was refreshing and modern, like the tulip chair:

I still find this chair so modern and graceful.

 The color becomes earthier when it is darkened like burnt oranges and clay pots. Terracotta is a color I have learned resonates with many people

 and it is like this on walls, makes a room very inviting and gives it depth.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

When I saw this orange and the gorgeous bed, I thought Minsun would like this for her new flat:

Great bed......

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