Sunday, 4 November 2012


Greige is a color between gray and beige. It is an easy color to live with, it is more calm than stimulating so it makes very good living rooms and bedrooms. It is has an air of sophistication, not choosing a subjective color. However because of its neutrality any color will look very good next to it. Yellow is particularly good, pink definitely, black is striking and red enriches it. We see it with a touch of orange often.

Which style does it suit; almost always with a faded chateau look, looks very good with contemporary clean lines and most suited to a renovated industrial space. It also has an effect on the light making it softer, diffused.

Some would say it is safe, I would say it is good taste. Some materials are particularly suitable for this color: wood, brick, stones, metals and glass. Its best fabric companion is linen.

And there is the fantastic blog: Greige Design

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